Aran Island: Inis Mor – Land of fisheries and tourism

It was Friday morning – 10 November 2014: we planned to go Aran Island L Inis Mor. The journey was through Lally tours which included a travel in fus bus and then ferry to the Island.

Ferry to Aran IslandFerry to Aran Island

Island FerriesFerry and the Rainbow

Inis Mor is the largest of the 3 Aran Islands and is a continuation of the Burren limestone rock. Luckily, we had pleasant climate when we had been there with sunny day and warm night. The moment we got down from ferries, there were pony carriages and bike hires for tour around the island.

Pony Carriages

We went to get settled down at Kilronan hostel which was very cozy. we were 5 friends together in the room with 5 beds.

Kilronan hostel

We went for sight seeing with bikes rented each at 10 Euros (with free helmet) and started towards Aran Seal colony. The water levels were low when we entered into the water which were spread with algae making it difficult to walk inside. But, it was worth it and we could watch around 10-15 seals. some were in groups at long distance and there were 2 seals which were old enough and could watch it from near.

Seal ColonyAt seal colony

By the moment, we were returning to the shore, the water level were rising and our belongings at the shore were about to get wet. we reached the shore on time.

From Seal colony we started biking to Dun Aonghasa which is situated on the highest cliffs on the Aran Islands. The most dramatic and beautiful setting for the oldest stone fort in Western Europe with its Awe-inspiring cliffs and views of the islands.

At the Dun Aonghasa, Aran Island
At the Dun Aonghasa, Aran Island

Dun AonghasaDun Aonghasa

To be continued (Next day to Worm Hole, Na Seacht d’Teampheall, The Aran Sweater market)…


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