Website development for GIAF – For study purpose

All the assignment submission for semester 1 is complete.

Last week, we submitted the website development assignment for GIAF (Galway International Arts Festival) and was great working with Owen Barrett (From Poland), Xin Bao (From China) and Samuel Adebayo (From Nigeria).

The link for the website created, as part of the assignment is hosted in

In webdesign and development, its more about team work rather than just designing a website itself. We had carefully designed the website for number of elements into consideration like design perspective, front end, Interaction design, Color Scheme, Web Navigation, Usability, Virtue of simplicity, Consistency.

The Color scheme chosen was analogous secondary color scheme with Irish flag colors in mind.

FFFFFF (White) 5a9956

Base colour


The logo has text to highlight the “I,A,F” within the initial “G” which represents Galway International Arts Festival and the text font is  “Gaeilge”. Upon reflection of the original colour scheme, we decided to have the logo in green color. This was done enhance the marketing ploy of Ireland as the emerald isle, but also to ensure that the logo would also be easily visible on all pages of the site.


It was decided upon to insert a traditional aspect of Galway through the logo. We brainstormed and decided on the Claddagh ring image. We edited the image through “Fireworks” and used it to join the lower half of our logo in order to continue the representation of the togetherness.

For the web design and multimedia, the primary tools used were – Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks.

After the website was designed, we performed 4 testing – Browser test, W3C code validation test, Google pagespeed Insights analysis, Screen resolution test.

We had great fun in completing the web design & development assignment.


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